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A Traditional Dinner

Feria de Abril de Sevilla: Day 1


It’s that time of the year guys! In April,  Sevilla is the host to an amazing fair that is full of flavor! Here at the fair you get a full look inside of  the rich culture that Spain has to offer. There’s dancing, singing, eating and so much more. I can’t even really express what this fair is. It’s simply astonishing!

Breakfast At Astor Place

Breakfast at Astor Place in Florence was sooo delicious!

Weekends in Firenze

I’m in Florence everyone! My friends and I decide to take a trip to Firenze this weekend to see art, the markets, to shop and so much more. It’s beautiful here and next we’re off Pisa!







Tingling Taste Buds!


The Ultimate Dish!

Yes I went to the UK and Yes I did have Fish & Chips. I simply could not leave there without having some. Chips/Fries you can’t go wrong and lightly battered Haddock- YUMMY!!!!! 

Where Adele has Walked

Hey Everyone!! I’ll be traveling to the UK this weekend and I’m sure you’re going to miss me. Ill be back though, with tons on awesome pics and videos. So stay tuned cause’ this should be fun!

Helping Hands for Paris

Me and a group of St. Johns students hit the night with goody bags for the homeless and hungry. Though we are a miles away from our homeland, it is still important to help the people that need it the most. We walked the streets of Paris and I was shocked to se the amount of homeless people in Paris. When you think Paris, you think city of love, Eiffel Tower, shopping- not Homeless! It saddened me to see the women, men, children and dogs  with hopelessness in their eyes. While walking around, I saw all types of shelters. One guy inhabited a phone booth, another with a cardboard box and another under a store awning. The hunger pains that haunt them day after day, night after night can be hushed for a little while with these bags of sandwiches, chocolate and water. So tonight the pain will cease for we are coming with great treats. G’night Paris.

Dinner is Served

Dinner is served here at the Paris cafe. Everything on this plate smelled soooo good. My friend and I couldn’t wait to dive in. We assure you that our plates were clean. It was simply Delectable!

The Proper Send Off

A big, juicy Red Velvet cake to send me off to Paris.This case was brought to me by Lansen and Hennings Bakery. I love them!

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