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A Beautiful Day at the Vaticani


I I took a trip to the Vatican Museum on a beautiful, sunny day. It was truly amazing and the art was to die for.

Everything is Gucci!

Tripp to Gucci

Tripp to Gucci

Gucci Museo

Gucci Museo

Gucci Cafe

Gucci Cafe

Gucci Zuccheri

Gucci Zuccheri

Gucci Bags

Gucci Bags

Gucci Museo

Entering Dali Universe

Alice In Wonderland

My friend Nadia has been wanting to see a Dali exhibit since she heard about it in France. She has an interest in the art of surrealism and when I stumbled upon this place while shopping in the market in Florence, I had to tell her about it. As a group, we went to the […]

Weekends in Firenze

I’m in Florence everyone! My friends and I decide to take a trip to Firenze this weekend to see art, the markets, to shop and so much more. It’s beautiful here and next we’re off Pisa!







Here we go! To Castle St. Angelo!!

Sittin' Ontop of the World

An Amazing view of Italy from the top of Castle St. Angelo. It’s an important time to be in Italy and it’s important to always remember the beauty of simple things. Here what I see. Now you can too! 🙂

Ciao Italia!

When Two Become One


Out and About

J'aime Paris

Journey to Mona

My friends and I ventured off to go find Mona! Mona Lisa– that is. We walked from campus to the Louvre, it was about a 25 minute walk. Admission was free because we had our Art and Architecture cards, free is always good here in Paris. Every inch of this place was a photo-op. I […]

The Burial Place

I took a trip to the Pantheon and it was very interesting. The art work was so detailed and it honestly evoked a lot of emotion. Here I stood in a place that history’s greatest figures are buried. Voltaire, Rousseau, and Marie Curie rest here in a dark and quiet  commemorative place where their memory and legacy are preserved.

The Golden Gates

The golden gates of Versailles are just AMAZING! I need a piece! Just one piece King Louis.. or to I ask Versailles?

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