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Lets Go To The Beach, Beach. Lets Go, Get Away!

I really loved the gorgeous blue water of Palma. It really was a sight to see🙂

Going Global



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Brief Encounter

Entering The Bellevue Club

Entering The Bellevue Club

Hey Everyone!!!
I’ve reached Sevilla but I won’t be settling in just yet. I booked my Spring Break trip to Palma de Mallorca! Isn’t that exciting? Stay tuned for beautiful pics and videos of this Balearic Region. I guarantee you all that they will be filled with lots of sun and palm trees and FUN FUN FUN!!!

Hang On!

Hey everyone! Over the last couple of days I’ve had finals, I’ve had to pack for Sevilla and soo much more! Pics and videos are coming really really soon! Please bear with me!

LOts Of Love!!!!!

Everything is Gucci!

Tripp to Gucci

Tripp to Gucci

Gucci Museo

Gucci Museo

Gucci Cafe

Gucci Cafe

Gucci Zuccheri

Gucci Zuccheri

Gucci Bags

Gucci Bags

Gucci Museo

Pisa Pisa Pisa

On our travels back from Florence, my friends and I stopped in Pisa. It was a bright a beautiful morning and the town was so quiet. We went to the Leaning Tower and tried to get it to straighten up. Take a look!





Photos Coming Soon!

This weekend felt like the longest weekend in history! I tackled two cities in one weekend and captured the beauty in both. I just got back in and I’m extremely exhausted. I haven’t slept in in 36 hours and right now I have to get some shut eye. PICS COMING SOON!

Weekends in Firenze

I’m in Florence everyone! My friends and I decide to take a trip to Firenze this weekend to see art, the markets, to shop and so much more. It’s beautiful here and next we’re off Pisa!








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