Wild Sights In the Marketplace

After our hour ride into the central city, Palma, we came across a market. BRACE YOURSELF! This might be a little more scarier than LIONS & TIGERS & BEARS.

On the Horses, In the Mountains!

To fill our week off with lots of fun, we decided to visit the No Frills Excursion center and sign ourselves up for Horseback Riding.  It was an hour of fun trotting through the mountains. Initially, I was scared, but with the encouragement from my friends and the team leader, I made through and enjoyed […]

The Formentor

The girls and I decided to be adventurous and go for a 4 hour boat ride around the Mediterranean Sea. The boat was called the Formentor and it had 3 levels. The bottom level was submarine-like, giving us an underwater view. The middle section was an indoor part with the option of open windows and the […]

Spring Break Special!

While on my wonderful spring break, I really took the time to appreciate nature.  I began to take many pictures of  animals, trees, flowers, blue skies and water. Here are a few of the photos

Welcome to Hotetur Club Bellevue Mallorca

For Spring Break, may of the students opted to go to the Canary Islands. I decided that I wanted to stray from the usual faces and experience a place that no one had thought of. I ventured off to Mallorca! It would be typical of me to go to the busy city area (Palma) where […]

Brief Encounter

Entering The Bellevue Club

Entering The Bellevue Club

Hey Everyone!!!
I’ve reached Sevilla but I won’t be settling in just yet. I booked my Spring Break trip to Palma de Mallorca! Isn’t that exciting? Stay tuned for beautiful pics and videos of this Balearic Region. I guarantee you all that they will be filled with lots of sun and palm trees and FUN FUN FUN!!!


My time in Rome was truly amazing. I’ve seen all the great sites, took on the romantic language and indulged in the great foods. I definitely will be back here. I don’t want to leave at all. As I was packing, all I could think about was my daily walks through random streets where I […]

Hang On!

Hey everyone! Over the last couple of days I’ve had finals, I’ve had to pack for Sevilla and soo much more! Pics and videos are coming really really soon! Please bear with me!

LOts Of Love!!!!!

Fountain Obsession

Fountain Obsession

Fountain Obsession

Vatican City

It’s great that I had the opportunity to revisit the wonderful sites in Rome many times. One time just isn’t enough. I can’t explain how grateful I am for this opportunity. It truly is the time of my life!

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