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Here we go! To Castle St. Angelo!!

Sittin' Ontop of the World

An Amazing view of Italy from the top of Castle St. Angelo. It’s an important time to be in Italy and it’s important to always remember the beauty of simple things. Here what I see. Now you can too! 🙂

Oh, The Things You See in It-a-ly

The Only thing that Matters is the Tao

Walking down the streets of Italy has been very interesting. All the street vendors and artists populate the streets and make for experience to stroll around town.

Ciao Italia!

When Two Become One


Au Revoir Paris!

The Streets

I had a blast in France! From the fashion to the people, the museums and the architecture, everything was awesome. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience. When you first arrive, you’re a curious tourist, after our 6 weeks, we called it home. I know that by working hard and following my dreams, […]

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