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Alcazar Palace Pt 1

We had an excursion to the Alcazar palace and though capturing all of it’s beauty would be impossible, I managed to capture some of it!


My time in Rome was truly amazing. I’ve seen all the great sites, took on the romantic language and indulged in the great foods. I definitely will be back here. I don’t want to leave at all. As I was packing, all I could think about was my daily walks through random streets where I […]

Breakfast At Astor Place

Breakfast at Astor Place in Florence was sooo delicious!

Pisa Pisa Pisa

On our travels back from Florence, my friends and I stopped in Pisa. It was a bright a beautiful morning and the town was so quiet. We went to the Leaning Tower and tried to get it to straighten up. Take a look!





The Golden Gates

The golden gates of Versailles are just AMAZING! I need a piece! Just one piece King Louis.. or to I ask Versailles?

Where I’m Headed

Hellooooooooo World!! I’m excited to announce that my first destination will be Paris, France! How amazing is that? Here’s a place I only get to see in movies and textbooks and now its MY turn to see it in person! I get to hold Paris, breathe Parisian air, eat Parisian food and so much more.Image Yaaaaaaay!

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